In Praise Of Solo Build It

Since its inception this web site has been hosted by SBI (Solo Build It! also known as Site Build It!). SBI!, while organized as a private company, is really more of a community of small business folks looking to effectively utilize the Web to build their businesses. The full extent of the company’s commitment to small business is best displayed by its community forum where SBI! subscribers ask and answer all variety of issues involved in e commerce. Having access to this forum is alone worth the price for hosting a web site. 

SBI! also provides an incredibly rich and detailed training program to assist business owners in developing web sites that will draw and retain visitors, and most critically convert site visits into revenue. 

SBI! also offers unparalleled technical support. Just a few weekends ago I was trying to fix a small very technical formatting glitch on a contact form. I reached out to the support staff and they literally redesigned the form and fixed the problem. I rarely have experienced such support from any web based company in the past. And on the weekend too! 

Based on my years of experience with SBI! I highly recommend their web hosting services.